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V2G is plugging into a green future

Orange charger plugged into a blue electric car.

Could your car become a green powerhouse? The SEEV4-City project successfully trialled new V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid) concepts combining electric mobility with local green energy and smart ICT. A check-up with the former partners shows their work […]

One year and counting…

Close-up photo of lady wearing a helmet, with snowy landscape and blue sky behind her.

This time last year we were thrilled to welcome Mette Ravn Pedersen at the Joint Secretariat in Viborg as the Administration and Event Coordinator. A year full of change Quite a lot has happened in […]

All Aboard! North Sea Conference run-down

After two years of lockdown, the North Sea Conference 2022 was overbooked in no time. And on 23-25 May, North Sea enthusiasts were finally able to meet again. The conference was held over three days […]

Meet Shane Woodford: a storyteller at heart

Man in jacket portrait photo

Shane Woodford was enjoying a fulfilling life as a radio journalist in Canada when climate disasters hit the area where he lived. In the end, he and his family chose to relocate to Denmark. I […]

Learning to live with floods

As global temperatures rise, learning to cope with floods is no longer a choice but a necessity. FRAMES showed how the Multi-Layer Safety approach improves flood resilience, inspiring a flurry of action across the North […]

5 ways to supercharge the green energy transition

The latest IPCC report and the rising cost of oil and gas both underline the urgent need to ramp up fossil-free solutions. Focused on innovation and testing on the ground, Interreg North Sea Region projects […]

A French connection at the secretariat

Marie Martin Kjaersgaard close-up photo

In November, we were thrilled to welcome Marie Martin Kjærsgaard at the Joint Secretariat in Viborg. She has settled in brilliantly and is already a close member of our team. I spoke with her to […]

SMEs bring on the taste of local

Farmers who are part of the cooperative de Streekboer standing in front of a red tractor.

Increased sales of local food products can create rural jobs, help communities to thrive, and support more sustainable food systems. The REFRAME project discovered a staggering 100 ways to support SMEs to grow local food […]

Hans Wevers: My Interreg journey

Hans Wevers overlooking Grand Canyon

In August 2021, Hans Wevers took leave from his employer Reeleaf. His goal was to experience transnational cooperation first-hand by joining our team for twelve months. Recently, he agreed to extend his stay with us […]

Dordrecht takes its blue-green vision to the next level

As extreme weather events become increasingly frequent, cities are working together to find effective solutions to adapt. Backed up by the North Sea Region project BEGIN, the Dutch city of Dordrecht has been investing in […]